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Esprit Film and Television

Esprit Film and Television provide bespoke, state of the art filming equipment for all environments.

Esprit Film and Television have been working to support the film and television industry for well over 10 years as a company and as individuals for over 35 years. What motivates us is a desire to help create must watch films that reflect the breath taking nature of our planet helping share what a special place it is.


We sit at the corner where arts meet technology. Equipment has become more complex with improved quality and higher expectations from viewers. We specialize in supplying technology to work in environments that are often hostile to film, those hard to get shots that make great films.

We want our equipment to help the telling of great stories, it's there to enable creativity not detract from it, we realize our solutions have to be easy, elegant and intuitive.

We support Filmmakers and Broadcasters to create world-class content, using off-the-shelf or specially developed systems.


We are the only EU company approved to service Gates Underwater Products.

Photo By Zoe Masters

Your Success


"This singular phrase characterizes Esprit Films and Television.  Dave Blackham and his team of experts understand that Your Success is the only thing that matters.  Outstanding service.  Reliable equipment.  Responsive support. And clever design / manufacturing expertise to escort your ideas into reality.  They all add up to one thing:  Your Success.   


Such a customer oriented philosophy is why Esprit Films and Television is the *only* Gates authorized support centre in Europe. Observing the fluid teamwork between our companies, one might think they are not two but one.  Together we support the numerous marquis producers such as the BBC, Silverback Films and Disney. 


If you’re seeking film and TV production support, I could not recommend Esprit more highly."


  – John Ellerbrock (President, Gates Underwater Products)

Photo By Zoe Masters 

What We Do

We film high end art for clients, this is interesting work in its own right but it also enables us to use Artwork images as a visual bench mark which we can then translate what we know we can achieve in a controlled studio environment to working in completely uncontrolled and natural habitats. The approach helps us learn and improve our work to achieve better results, we will never stop learning and know always try to improve what we do and how we do it.

It is important to us not just to supply robust well engineered equipment but also to have an in depth understanding of what the cameras are capable of from a creative point of view.

Some years ago one of our main strength's was in Audio. It still is. And we still supply over 200 microphones and other audio recorders to the Broadcast and music industry and we still love music and wildlife sound.

Another area which we enjoy and find rewarding is our work with Universities, both research and developing facilities, we like to think it helps keep our ideas fresh and current. It also allows us to exchange our experience for new ways of thinking and ideas and in a small way we can put something back in for future generations who wish to work in our industry.

These are just a few of the drivers that help keep us in business enjoying what we do. If you need to hire Camera or Audio equipment for your next production and need the best support and advice available please contact us. 

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