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About US

Esprit Film and Television provide bespoke, state of the art filming equipment for all environments.

Esprit Film and Television have been working to support the film and television industry for well over 20 years as a company and as individuals for over 40 years. 


We sit at the corner where arts meet technology. Equipment has become more complex with improved quality and higher expectations from viewers. We specialise in supplying technology to work in environments that are often hostile to film, those hard to get shots that make great films.

We want our equipment to help the telling of great stories, it's there to enable creativity not detract from it, we realise our solutions have to be easy, elegant and intuitive.

We support Filmmakers, Broadcasters, Scientists and engineers to create world-class projects, using off-the-shelf or specially developed systems.


We are the only European company approved to service Gates Underwater Products.



Esprit Film and Television is actively working to change the world. 

  • We are an affiliate member of the Albert Sustainability Program.

  • We often get involved in charity drives often for Environmental charities.

  • With Woman making up on 6% of the camera crew in Wildlife Film and TV we actively seek up and coming female identifying talent  as well as other genders from diverse backgrounds.  Just check out our Alumni to see how many Leading woman in camera came from here. 

  • We have a meaningful diversity policy which includes apprenticeships, trainee roles, work experience and mentoring schemes and have links across the globe in which we provide training.

  • We run voluntary creative out-reach programmes with the local community including photography classes inclusive of kit.

  • We encourage and provide industry-leading training ventures which allow staff to up-skill when it comes to diving, drone work, directing, edit-producing, IT, HR, Wellbeing and more.

  • We Provide grants and training spaces on our paid training days to those with less financial access. 

  • We have provided Diving aids across the globe for international rescue missions including the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue. 

  • We often work with conservationist and help provide grants and kit for scientific outreach or activist filmmakers. 

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