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Esprit Film and Television are pleased to have supported BBC Blue Planet 2 underwater cameras for a vast amount of the series filming on over 100 shoots in an environment that covers 70% or our planet. Maintaining camera systems, housings and optics to ensure they work reliably and hassle free in such an unforgiving environment is painstaking methodical work


The cameras which are some of the most advanced available need to be ultra reliable and they also need to be able to offer a creative flexibility to film some of the magic of the Ocean’s which the Blue Planet 2 team wanted to explore. New equipment for filming the series needed to be developed which is how we were able to assist.

Esprit developed and built the towcam system housing Red Digital Cinema cameras which is a system that allows a Digital cinema camera to be towed behind a boat at high speed to film fish such as tuna and fast swiming sharks. Its remotely operated via specialist data links and has complete control of the camera and optics.







The Megadome concept was developed by Esprit and realised and constructed by Gates Underwater Products, its an optical system which offers near perfect split shots creating a new and unique look which is fresh to film and television.


Esprit were pleased to work on the series not only as a supplier and developer of equipment for a fantastic series but also because the series raised the profile of the environmental challenges that face us all. We hope Blue Planet 2 has sparked attention worldwide and is a catalyst for change and improvement to the Planet's Ocean Environment.

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