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Gavin Newman


Esprit offers specialist camera equipment for rental, with camera packages from, Red Digital Cinema, Arri, Sony, Canon, Panasonic these complimented by specialist miniature cams from LMP, Panasonic and others. Most of our Lenses tend to be specialty and bespoke from Canon, Leica, Sony, Zeiss, TLS and others.

Our clients often require camera packages to be supported by grip and lighting equipment built for the project, this can include specialist mounting systems to support our 2D or 3D camera equipment which are designed for the rigors of Wildlife film acquisition.

3D and 360 VR

Esprit have been working with 3D stereoscopic imaging for over 20 years. We help create content that is commissioned for Cinema and Television and we are pleased to have contributed to some of the much watched 3D programming to date and we continue to work on ground breaking 3D programming which will be seen soon.

Esprit work with off the shelf 3D rigs and also design and built our own 3D rig systems such as rigs for High speed, underwater and macro photography. Our rigs are Esprit Harrier (Under Through, mirror), Hawk (Side by Side), these rigs were designed to be robust, light and simple to use. Mirrors in our rigs are calibrated to 2% transmissive, reflective and are designed to be higher tolerance than most commercial mirrors so we have less photographic errors. The aim as always, is to have equipment that helps improve content and tell the story better.

Our go to camera is Red Dragon as its form factor lends itself to 3D easily and its one of the best cameras in the world today. We also use LMP HD1200 miniature 2/3 2K cameras which are very small and light whilst exceeding technical specifications for broadcasters. Both camera systems can be used on our 3D rigs and the rigs can also accommodate high speed cameras such as Photron SA2’s.

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