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Gavin Newman


Esprit are a registered Dive Contractor for media dive operations in the UK.


As part of our dive operations, we carry a range of Cylinders, pony Cylinders, harnesses and dive support equipment. Safety equipment such as oxygen resuscitation kits, First aid kits, Defibrillators and diver location systems are also available.


Esprit are the only company so far as we are aware to specialise in underwater recording systems for Feature Film and Television be they actors or presenters for recorded or live television. We offer specialist masks and custom recording systems for professional dive situations.


To compliment the audio equipment Esprit also offer state of the art camera systems from DSLR based camera systems and also High end Cinematography camera systems using Red Dragon and Weapon cameras, Arri, and Sony camera housings. Esprit mainly use Gates underwater camera housings which are bulletproof and extremely reliable.


Underwater grip kit is custom built by Esprit and marinised to provide camera support in similar ways to topside filming set ups.


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